How to build a fascinating indoor playground?

Are you clicking in just to find out some methods to help you to run a fascinating indoor playground? If yes, you just get the right place! In fact, we are the one of the superb suppliers of indoor play equipment around the world. Over the past decades, we have been focusing on melting fun into our products. Owing this faith, we have been struggling all the way to improving our design and updating our product lines.

Our products kind

We can produce all kinds of slides, trampolines, soft plays, rock climbing walls and many other commercial indoor play equipment. Based on your budget or the size of your play area, we can make the equipment into a corresponding shapes and sizes. For example, if you have the limited space for the slide, we can just make a simple Open Bed Slide or a straight slide for you. Sometimes, you may want to build an exclusive slide to make your park a special one. At this time, you can also get the Hump Slides or the Combo Spiral Slides to fit into your place. If your plan to open an adventure park, then, you can’t continue without a rock climbing wall. Usually, the rock climbing wall is made from your original wall at most times. However, we can still make an artificial wall based on your needs.

Our faith

Quality always come after you! Quality is the soul of the product, and we always pursue superior quality. In the production line, we select the superb material to produce the product. At the same time, we test the final products with the strict standards to guarantee the quality. Actually, the ASTM standard of the US is one of the guidelines to us. We keep all these rules in our mind when we are designing or manufacturing.

Thinking in a mind of those owners of indoor play parks, what they really care is how to attract as many customers as possible. So, we use this as our lighthouse while we are renovating our former products. We just keep on updating our technologies and our product lines to keep pace on the newest trend. Of course, if you have come up with a new kind of design or a style of indoor playground, we can also help you to turn it to reality.

With a wide variety of products, our company can cater to all demands from family entertainment centers or shopping centers. No matter what kinds of commercial indoor play equipment you are looking for, you can almost find it in our product booklets.