A good money maker – Flower Bee Kiddie Ride

A good money maker – Flower Bee Kiddie Ride

In our real lives, the flower bee is always taken as a kind of diligent creature that can produce delicious honey. When you are taking a walk across the flower garden, you can always see a swarm of bee busy in their collection work. Kids love bees too so that the indoor playground owners will be happy to offer bee riders for kids to experience a happy ride. In fact, there are a wide variety of animal riders in the park accessible for children and the bee rider belongs to this huge family. The flower bee kiddie rider is suitable for kids of 3 years and above to take a ride in case of safety problems.

What is the Flower Bee Kiddie Ride?

The Flower Bee Kiddie Ride is built on the basis of steel frame and it can sustain 210lbs at most. Except for the frame, there are still two layers working as a cover to protect the driver. The middle layer is made of high molecular polymer and we take it as the junction of the frame and the soft outset. The outset is made of pretty soft material so that it can be very protective when the rider is making some wild motions. In addition to its soft sense, the outset is also painted with yellow and red color so that it looks more like a real bee. Also, the bright color, along with its round shape and smile face, will send a very friendly invitation to those children. On the top of it head, there is a steering wheel that is used to control the move of the flower bee kiddie ride. At the bottom of the basis, there are multiple wheels whose face is in low friction. Because of these wheels, this play ride can move fast and smoothly when it is going ahead.


Since the kiddie ride is manufactured under the highest quality standards in this industry, it can promise you a superb ride longevity and safety as well. Actually, our flower bee kiddie ride also has a superb moving ability and it can move side to side, up and down, or round. Even more, the bee kiddie ride can make a rocking motion, which is loved by those bold kids. During the riding, the bee ride will automatically play pleasing digital music, which is considered suitable for the growing kids. For example, the Leap Frog is one of the hottest children’s song that is welcomed by almost every child. While listening to the happy and dynamic tune, your child will soon become active and begin to burn out their energy. With remote control system, you can easily change the speed of the ride so that you can offer your help in time in case of emergency.

Sitting on the flower bee kiddie ride and traveling around the park will can always get those kids excited and leave them in laughing for several hours. The Flower Bee is not only a fantastic money makers but also a “parent pleaser”.

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