How much is the investment of an indoor amusement park for children? What are the major expenses?

How much is the investment of an indoor amusement park for children? What are the major expenses?

How much is the investment of an indoor amusement park for children? For this problem, first of all, you need to determine the venue, today i will address the issue of indoor playground investment costs to explain about the indoor playground’s main investment costs.

1. Venue rent

It is mainly according to the local price level to measure, how big is the indoor playground area is the first question.

Generally, it’s better in the shopping center of the supermarket, ranging from dozens to hundreds of square meters. It is necessary to consider the length, width, and height of the site, and know what kind of theme that customers would like and what kind of specific amusement equipment, so as to estimate the final price.

2. Decoration expenses

Children’s playground is a place for children to play, so the decoration should be children’s favorite, it can be decorated into different themes, it can be fantasy castle style, ocean forest style, jungle adventure style, wizard of oz style and so on.

Children’s playground manufacturers will not be responsible for the site’s decoration, decoration generally refers to the water and electricity, wall painting, ground treatment, ceiling installation, etc., if the decoration needs to be exquisite, you can find a professional decoration company to design ;

3. Amusement facilities

After the confirmation of the design scheme, the next step is to purchase a batch of playground equipment, to remind merchants, every child is the apple of parents’ eye, no matter the equipment, entertainment, security, or educational quality, let parents rest assured.

Diversified combination can be as follows: children’s experience store, parent-child theme bookstore, parent-child flower house, giving people the feeling like a cup of warm afternoon tea; diversified combination can also be children’s shopping mall, amusement experience, children’s photography, children’s training, children’s catering, giving people the feeling of comprehensive radiation.

4.Introduction to indoor children’s playground as the hardware part:

(1) For the age of children 0-6 years old who did not go to primary school, or 3-10 years old.

(2) If it is a commercial amusement park, the 100 square meters of space is small, which will restrict the long-term operation in the future.

(3) The suggested site for the project of operating indoor children’s playground is located in the large shopping center, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, etc. Popularity determines everything!

(4) A good indoor playground business site is one of the hardware indicators of the park’s continuous operation. In the initial site selection of the children’s playground, an assessment should be made about the flow of people around the site, the surrounding business prospects, and consumption level. How much is the investment of an indoor amusement park for children? In fact, it is mainly based on the size of the site, content configuration, decoration level, and other aspects, they are the first to consider, so as long as you understand the basic situation of these aspects, then you can know the rough budget of the indoor children’s amusement park investment.

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