How to clean ball pool balls?

How to clean ball pool balls?

For those little children, they can always swim in the ball pool for several hours to research on those colorful balls. Though these balls can bring children lots of fun, parents will care more about the cleanliness of the balls and pit. Usually, ball pits will get dirty easily due to various kinds of reasons like food residue, little kids’ urinate, and general dirt build-up on their hands and faces. Whether you are maintaining a ball pit in a commercial indoor play center or your own home, the cleaning job is a necessity for you to provide those little players with a safe, healthy, and hygienic play area. Normally, what you should use to do the cleaning and how often will be determined by the frequency of using of ball pit and you budget for cleaning as well. Next, we will give you some advice on your cleaning job.

Clean your ball pit

If you are an owner of a large children’s play center or an indoor playground, you will often have to treat dozens or even hundreds of children with your ball pit every opening day. Because of this heavy use, you have to pay lots of attention to the cleaning to endure they can all enjoy this play in a safe environment. Goldstar Cleaning Services that is recommended by those professional park owners refer to thoroughly cleanliness and sanitization every three to six months. Usually, you can hire a commercial cleaner to help you do the cleaning job. They can help you clean and sanitize the vinyl and fabric surface thoroughly. However, if you desire faster and more efficient cleaning, you should consider buying a ball washing machine that can work automatically and for a long time too as long as put through with electricity.

Large ball pool

When there is a large ball pool in your playground, you are suggested to hire someone to spy on the ball pit at all times. Also, he or she should take a small towel and a spray bottle that contains disinfectant solution made of 1/10 bleach and 9/10 water. Only in this way, the field stuffs are able to immediately spray the dirty ball with the solution and wipe it clean with the tower. Specially, if there is a wider contamination like a child’s urinate, you will need to temporarily close this play area to perform a thorough cleaning and sanitizing so that you can prevent the infection of harmful influenza. If you have a commercial ball washer, you will not have to clean the balls manually and the machine will help you to clean them all. Otherwise, you will have to remove all the balls from the pit and place them all on an old sheet. After that, you can begin to do the cleaning and sanitizing.

Based on your budget or your business scale, you can choose hire a commercial cleaner or a ball washing machine to help you maintain the cleanliness of your indoor ball pool. Usually, the washing machine is recommended for those massive indoor playground because it can really save your time.

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