Movie arcade games, we’re still waiting

Movie arcade games, we’re still waiting

Only the greatest movies stand out in the video game world. But we found six great movies that didn’t. Or playing the jazz flute with Ron Burgundy? Who wouldn’t want to ride across the desert with Raoul Duke in a rented 1971 Chevy Impala?

Here are five of the best movie arcade games we’re still waiting for, all designed by Liberty Games.


You’re the golden eagle burning in RON’s heart. Step forward and take out a real plastic flute from the jazz flute hero. Complete special movements such as flute flame or baby-making, or enter duet 2 modes.

“Jazz flute hero” comes pre-loaded with 15 beautiful jazz tunes, each designed to sound like the rest of the jazz repertoire. Qualified jazz scientist uses advanced number theory to create this game of bear delightful lab-grown jazz, which was approved by Ron Burgundy himself. Be a jazz flute hero, go for a walk with a double bass…

2.Monty Python’s Life Of Brian

Enter the first-century Judean arena, where no one really likes anyone. In this classic hand-to-hand fight, you will face the dirtiest, scariest, most terrifying figures in history. Each character has its own unique deadly tricks to learn and master, and each level includes interactive features.

Master complex fire button combinations never are seen in video games or bibles, and get new levels of character and power. Face the powerful Romans, subversive Jewish revolutionary group and failed prophets, and unlock the game when boss Brian’s mom ends for the final showdown.

3.Withnail & I

We accidentally invented a video game…Cumbria, 1969. You went on vacation to uncle Monty’s cabin. It’s midnight, and there’s someone on the stairs…

Avoid uncle Monty’s advances. Avoid mice, chickens, lecherous bulls, etc. Collect Camberwell carrot power for the “fear” speed bonus. On your way to the phone booth, bypassing dry stone walls and streams, Withnail’s agent may call you at any moment.

This large touchscreen game console is suitable for one or two players. The 65-inch screen shows the Cumbria landscape in exquisite detail. Invite a friend to play with you and recreate one of the best double acts in the movie.


In Zoolander Walk-Off Walk-Off Arcade, challenge that damn Hansel once and for all. He is hot now. Get onstage and score music for hits like Michael Jackson, Nikka Costa and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

This large arcade cabinet features a dance pad and a powerful sound system. Each music track is ranked for difficulty, energy, and speed. Take in-game advice from Billy Zane and show off your best footwork on the dance pad. Step by step moving panties will impress David Bowie. Special Zoolander facial mapping technology to boost your score – pull your finest ‘Blue Steel’ and upload it to the global leaderboard. Hansel thinks he’s too cool for school. But you got a newsflash for him.


According to the popular Kingpin, Big Ern’s Bowling Challenge is a game of precision and skill. Use trackball controllers to guide the ball’s speed, direction, and rotation. Build your score and take all the people and win your ticket for the great gravy train with the cookie wheel.

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